Why the Title? Why the Tagline?

Today’s assignment on my “Blogging 101” course was called: “Take Control of Your Title and Tagline”. I thought I should take some time to try and explain how I chose the name and tagline for this blog.

my title comes from “A Random Walk in Science” – a book I discovered long ago (as a long-haired teenager) in my school library while I was working towards my A-levels (I studied Physics, Chemistry and Maths back in 1979-1981). It was a collection of humorous and sometimes off-beat articles published to prove that the subject of science can be just as entertaining as it can be educational. Not only did it make me chuckle from time to time, it also made me think a little differently about science and how it isn’t always dull, dry or boring.


This is what I’m hoping to achieve with my blog on the (sometimes) dull subject of “data”…

The original tagline for my blog was “Data & Information – Management, Modelling, Quality, Governance…” which was all I could come up with when I set up my blog in the middle of last year (but I never got around to posting anything – until yesterday, that is!). It sounded quite serious and I suppose the best that could be said about it is that it described some of my intended blog content…

So now I’ve now decided to change it to: “Realise that everything connects to everything else” – a quote attributed to Leonardo da Vinci.


In the I.T. industry it really does seem to be the case – any assumptions we make about data (it’s quality, completeness, etc.) often come back to bite us; fuzzy thinking about data (such as not actually describing things that well) sometimes means IT professionals can’t always produce the systems our users (real people like you and me!) really want or even need.

Now you have some sense of the thinking behind my blog – maybe it makes sense to you…


About The Bald Data Guy

Bald bloke with a keen interest in all aspects of Data Management & Data Governance. Opinions are my own! Family guy. Former Labrador owner (x2). Keen amateur photographer.
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2 Responses to Why the Title? Why the Tagline?

  1. dslatercl says:

    Hey, great blog. Thank you for the recommendation of the book. Currently I work with students in Science, grades 8, 9 and 10. Mitosis, Interphase and co-valent bonds can be a little tiresome for these active students. I am ordering the book ” A Random Walk in Science” and look foreward to reading more of your blogs.


    • Thanks for you kind words – I’m so glad you liked my reference to the book (I didn’t know I was actually recommending it!)

      Even now, umpteen years after finding it I can still remember a short rhyme from the book that made me smile:
      Little Willie, full of glee,
      Put radium in Grandma's tea.
      Now he thinks it quite a lark
      To see her shining in the dark.

      Apparently there were two more anthologies: More Random Walks in Science and Science with a Smile. I must go and see if what Amazon has to offer…


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