About me…


My name is Steve and I’m a Data Architect – or to put it another way… “I’m a Data Geek”. (I really should use that as my introduction at the next meeting of “Data-holics Anonymous” I go to).

If you take a quick glance at my profile pic, you’ll also see that I’m a little ‘follicly challenged’ – on top, at least – hence the name “The Bald Data Guy”.


What I Do…

As a Data Architect (which is just one of the many job titles in IT that simply translate to “Data Geek”) my job(?) is to help the people I work understand just how important the data and information used in computer systems really is and how to make sure we manage it better.

If IT systems were like plumbing then all the data passing through them every day would be like water! Keep it clean, keep it flowing to where it’s needed, make sure there are no leaks or blockages…

It may seem quite ‘geeky’ and uninteresting (OK, OK – sometimes it really IS!) but asking business people questions about how their data and information is used (often starting with “Why…?” and following that with loads more questions also starting with “Why…?”) highlights a key point – that most businesses rely a great deal on data they collect and manipulate in their processes, no matter how or where the processes are actually carried out. The downside of this is that can show that people often haven’t always ‘joined the dots’.


Why I’m blogging…

The main idea behind this Blog is to help people (that’s YOU…) think more about the data and information we all handle in our daily work – whatever it is we do. I’d like to think I can raise some points using humour or irony (I’ve found that Dilbert cartoons are often a great help here!). For other points I may need to be just a little more ‘obvious’…

Think of people like me as a ‘Data Conscience”…

In over 30 years working in the IT industry I’ve come across some very sensible and some very strange(!) things relating to data and how it’s used (or even misused). You may even have seen some odd things yourself from time to time – such as letters offering you “Special deals for the over-50s” when you’re only something like 25 years old

If any of my ramblings provoke some kind of discussion or simply make someone stop and think for a minute or three, I suppose it can only be a good thing…


Anything else…?

As a “side-bar”, I’m also an amateur photographer and so, from time-to-time, I’m likely to get a little bit random and start talking about what grabs me about my hobby rather than my day-job.

Other occasional side-bars may include some observations about my two black Labradors and the things they get up to – especially the younger of the two who has earned himself the nickname of “Stealth Dog”!!

I hope you’ll stick around to read my posts and maybe even give me some feedback.






Would you like to walk and talk...?

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